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Charming and historic, the Heart of the Village Inn is set within a beautiful Queen Anne Victorian built by Cyrus Van Vliet, a prosperous local merchant, in 1886. The main house was built to include multiple rooms for a large family and a piazza wrapping around the front of the house. The carriage barn was built a year later on a pile of stones for a foundation, as many barns were in those days. The original footprint of the perennial garden graces the view from the dining room windows.

Elaborate for its day, the house included gumwood wainscoting, a paneled staircase, and a cistern to collect rainwater. A pump and gravity system was also installed and brought water to the ground-floor bathroom and hall sink. Some say the house had the first flush toilet in town (located in the cellar). Other features considered extravagant for the time were the English tiles around the fire grate in the library and locally manufactured wooden blinds. These beautiful features remain well preserved at the Inn today.

This magnificent property served as a residence up until its conversion into a nine-room B&B in 1996, following extensive renovations. The house is nearly in its original footprint and much effort was made to maintain the main building and the carriage barn with as much historic integrity as possible.





Globetrotting world travelers Anatoly and Rose said “so long” to professional careers in Washington, DC (his in marketing and advertising, hers in finance and government) to pursue their passion for innkeeping. They were drawn to Vermont to “be around happy people and spend more time motorcycling, cooking, enjoying witty conversations and savoring craft beers.” Rose, a long distance runner, is also on a mission to run a half marathon in all 50 states.

They like to say, “we are saving the world and our sanity on a daily basis, one breakfast, one guest, and one dog walk at a time.”

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