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Here you will find a number of frequently asked questions about our offerings at Heart of the Village Inn.

This page is updated frequently and questions are listed in no particular order, as new fascinating inquiries come up all the time.

(Hint: do a keyword search to find answers to your specific questions faster.)

If you still have additional questions after going through the FAQ page, please email us directly and we will get back to you.

We are always happy to hear from our prospective guests!

Is your B&B right for me?

It's something only you can decide. If you are a happy, self-sufficient, common-sense adult, and our website's vibe, other guests' reviews, and our approach to offering a modern Bed & Breakfast experience appeal to you, then YES ;) Thousands of happy guests have stayed with us; hundreds found a minute to leave us a 5-star review.

Travelers, whose expectations of their stay differ from our offerings and realities, are strongly encouraged to explore other accommodation options.

Are you pet-friendly?

We (Rose and Anatoly) are, but our Bed & Breakfast is not pet-friendly, unfortunately. Pets / emotional support / companion / comfort animals of any kind or size are allowed on the Inn's grounds and premises. Please do not bring/leave pets in your vehicle parked in our lot. ADA service dogs individually trained to do work or perform tasks for a guest directly related to the guest's disability are permitted. A service dog handler is expected to control the service animal at all times and observe all handler responsibilities. Please be advised that emotional support, therapy, comfort, or companion animals do not qualify as service animals.

Do you allow children?

Our guests choose the Heart of the Village Inn for its tasteful balance of charming historic elegance, modern vibe, and a relaxing experience - which appeal to adults. For this reason, our policy is to only accept guests 18 years of age and older May-October. We offer more flexibility during the off-season (November-April), excluding any major holidays. Feel free to email us!

What are your Policies and House Rules?

Glad you asked - in the spirit of transparency and clarity, our Policies, including cancellation, etc., and House Rules are available during the online booking process in our official Online Reservation system (next to the "I agree" checkbox). All of our rules and policies fully apply to reservations made elsewhere (be a great guest and book directly with us, don't pay a commission to a middleman). A copy of our policies and house rules will be included in your confirmation email.

The three main rules are:

  • Be a good person

  • We are a "no-shoes" home

  • No one leaves hungry!

What if my plans change?

Things happen - our policies explain your options before you book your stay on our website. We offer refund/reschedule options for direct reservations. If your stay with us is booked elsewhere, please contact the company with whom you made your reservation.

What are your rates and availability?

We offer several room/suite options with various amenities and rates. Please visit our official Online Reservation system to see our real-time availability and rates for your travel dates. 

Is breakfast included?

Not only is it "included", but also it's crafted just for each individual guest based on our menu offerings and their particular dietary preferences. Take a look at our breakfast options and let us know if you have additional questions.

How close are you to Shelburne Museum?

Very! We are the closest B&B/Inn to Shelburne Museum. It is located just 0.7 miles from us and our guests can walk or drive to the Museum. Here's a link to directions on Google Maps.

Are there elevators at the Inn?

Our historic buildings do not have elevators and are not wheelchair accessible. At a minimum, guests are expected to brave several steps to the first floor of the Main Inn for check-in and breakfast

Do you offer ground-level rooms?

3 of our 9 rooms are located on the first floor (Shelburne room in the Main Inn and Barstow and Bostick rooms in the Carriage house). However, guests are expected to brave several steps to the first floor of the Main Inn for check-in and breakfast.

Can you call me a cab?

We can call *you* whatever you want us to call *you*, but we are generally on the first-name basis with our guests. We can make certain recommendations, but we do not make restaurant reservations, call taxi, or offer any other concierge-style services (or any services, for that matter).

Do you offer discounts?

While from time to time, we may offer certain special promotions - be sure to visit our Special Offers page and sign up for real-time email notifications!

Are there restaurants nearby?

Yes, several local restaurants and a lovely coffee shop are located within a short walking distance from Heart of the Village Inn. Take a look at the "Eat & Sip" part of our "Explore Shelburne" website section.