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VERMONT TRAVEL in time of covid-19


Vermont government's response to COVID-19 has placed various devastating restrictions on so-called non-essential (leisure) travelers and on Vermont hospitality/accommodation providers. At this time, there are various state government-issued guidelines and mandates impacting lodging guests' experience in Vermont. Our Policies and House Rules offer the utmost clarity of our approach to creating a safe, comfortable, and pleasant environment in these challenging times.

This page contains the following details:
1. Our Approach to Cleanliness & Your Safe Experience at our B&B
2. Vermont Travel-Related Guidance & Your Stay with Us
3. Cancellations & Rescheduling
4. Vermont: What's Open, What's Not


We assure you that Heart of the Village always has and continues to offer a wonderful guest experience that is as safe and healthy as possible. Thousands of delightful courteous guests stayed with us prior to March 2020 and quite a few lovely guests stayed with us since our post-lockdown reopening in June 2020. Our 5-star reviews speak for themselves. We continue to offer our enjoyable level of experience under the restrictions imposed by the State of Vermont and in accordance with applicable actual federal and Vermont state laws.

  • We introduced a 48-hour window between stays in the same room in addition to our already rigorous cleaning and disinfecting procedures. We maintain cleanliness throughout the entire property - from the entryways where all guests' outside shoes remain away from clean interior space, to meticulously cleaned en suite bathrooms, to regularly sanitized and disinfected door lock keypads and other frequently touched surfaces. However, we hope you understand that we cannot make any guarantees, nor can anyone else.
  • While we do collect a certain amount of personal data as part of the reservation process, we protect all such data and do not share it with anyone unless we are legally required/forced to do so.
  • We do not require our guests to wear any medical devices. We are not medical professionals and our guests' health information is protected by law. Our guests may choose to do so for their own reasons. We will need to be able to properly ID our guests prior to and/or at check-in.
  • We practice personal hygiene techniques including frequent and vigorous handwashing with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. To us, this is not a new routine and has always been our personal standard.
  • Reservations are made contact-free online on our website at least 2 days prior to arrival. We do not accept walk-ins, phone reservations, or last-minute bookings. Our express check-in, while done in person, is smooth and quick. Self check-out is easy and contactless as well.
  • Our custom-made delicious breakfasts are prepared as safely as possible. We offer a reservation-based approach to breakfasts and currently accept no more than two couples per each seating, one couple in each of our two Breakfast Rooms.
  • There are hand sanitizer dispensers in the foyers of both of our buildings as well as in the Breakfast Rooms.
  • We have always been a no-shoes accommodation (street shoes are not permitted in guest rooms and in any indoor areas save for the entryways/foyers.) This is yet another way to prevent the spread of any contagious diseases as well as dirt.

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Vermont official travel guidance keeps changing but is believed to be available on the Vermont Agency of Commerce and Community Development (ACCD) website.
At this time, only the following individuals may stay at our Bed & Breakfast:
  • Any healthy individuals 
who will provide us with a signed CoC (Certificate of Compliance) and other required paperwork as shown during the online booking process.

Additional stay-related information include:
  • COVID-19 is a real illness and we recognize that. We also recognize that our guests are smart enough to take precautions and make their own decisions. If you are uncomfortable with our stand on this, please plan on staying at another accommodation with stricter guidelines.
  • Guests understand and agree that the risk of COVID-19 exposure will still exist. If symptoms begin during guests' stay they will be asked to leave and return home if possible. If a departure is not possible, guests must self-isolate for the remainder of their stay and the Vermont Department of Health must be contacted immediately. If a guest is exposed to COVID-19 or contracts it during their stay and has to self-quarantine at the Inn, additional charges based on the original nightly rates will apply.
  • Only registered guests listed on the reservation are allowed on the property grounds and in guestrooms. Personal visitors/companions are not authorized to enter the property at any time.
  • Guests may not enter the premises if they have symptoms of respiratory illness. If a guest has signs of sickness, such guest must reschedule their stay.
  • Housekeeping is not offered in any shape or form. Innkeepers will not be entering occupied guest rooms during their stay. Each guestroom is stocked with towels and toiletries for a 2+ day stay. Additional fresh towels & toiletries will be dropped off outside of your room door as needed based on advanced requests. Guests will be responsible for transferring their trash to the outdoor dumpster / recycling bin and placing used linens to the designated linen bin on a daily basis.
  • During your visit/stay at Heart of the Village Inn:
         - Use tissues to capture any coughs or sneezes.
         - Regularly wash hands and maintain proper hygiene.
         - Keep a sensible distance from other guests.


By now, we expect that travelers are aware of the risk of further COVID-19 spread and of the risk they are taking when making new travel plans and reservations.

Therefore, all of our standard policies and procedures accepted by guests at the time of making a reservation apply, and all travelers must follow the standard cancellation process regardless of cancellation reasons. We will work with you to reschedule your visit as described in our policies and with your specific situation in mind.

If your travel plans are not finalized, consider purchasing our online Gift Cards which can be applied to any future date. Gift Cards and vouchers will also be issued in lieu of refunds.


Sadly, Vermont Travel in Times of Corona has less to offer these days. Many attractions and businesses are either restricted, shut down by the state, or closed either temporarily or permanently as a business decision. Plan your visit ahead of time and maintain a certain level of flexibility.

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