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October 20, 2017 by: Heart of the Village Inn

Our Guide to Vermont’s Most Scenic Waterfalls Near Shelburne

Our Guide to Vermont’s Most Scenic Waterfalls Near Shelburne

The majestic falls of Vermont have something for everyone. Maybe you’re the type of person who would enjoy just gazing at the view and losing yourself in the roar of the falls. Or, maybe you’re a thrill seeker who’s looking to do flips off of rock ledges into deep, crystal clear water. Either way, you’ll find it in Vermont. Here in Shelburne, we’re lucky to be close to some of the state’s most beautiful waterfalls. Below are a few we recommend visiting during your next stay.

Shelburne Falls at LaPlatte River Nature Park

Shelburne Falls top our list of favorites because these falls are the reason our town exists! Some of the original settlers of Shelburne decided to buy the land because the water power from Shelburne Falls made it ripe for industrial manufacturing. The falls sit in LaPlatte River Nature Park, which is located just a short hike from our lovely Heart of the Village Inn and has plenty of beautiful, peaceful hiking paths.

Bristol (Bartlett) Falls and Circle Current (Addison County, VT)

At Bristol, you’ll find 14 foot falls, crystal clear water, and a swimming hole that’s perfect for the whole family. Most areas are shallow enough for kids (or for adults who’d prefer to lounge rather than swim). There are also much deeper areas with plenty of ledges for diving and, just above the falls, you’ll find what the locals call Circle Current. These are bedrock ledges that span the length of the river and, during times of low water, they can act as water slides.

Bingham Falls (Stowe, VT)

If you’re looking for a hike that is both beautiful and easy, Bingham Falls should be a stop during your trip to Vermont. A quick trip gets you to Bingham’s two water falls, and there are plenty of places for wading and swimming once you get there. However, the incline does get steep in some places, so it’s not the easiest trip to make with small kids. And, wear some shoes with grip! It can get slippery out there.

Moss Glen Falls (Granville, VT)

You can’t swim at Moss Glen Falls, but the view of these falls still makes this a must-visit. It’s easily accessible from the road, so you don’t need to hike to get to the falls. For all you photographers out there (or for anyone who’s just looking for some good pictures to post on Facebook), Waterfalls of the Northeastern United States calls this the most photogenic waterfall in the state of Vermont.

Warren Falls (Warren, VT)

With about a 3-foot plunge, these might not technically qualify as “falls,” but Warren Falls is one of the most legendary swimming holes in Vermont, so we had to mention it. The deep pools are crystal clear and the rock formations are awesome. Even if you don’t go swimming, it’s a beautiful photo opp if you happen to be driving through the area.

Moss Glen Falls (Stowe, VT)

There’s no excuse for missing out on Moss Glen Falls – the view is too beautiful and the hike is fairly easy for most people. There’s a bit of climbing and, as usual, it can get slippery on damp days. It also gets crowded during high seasons, so get there early!

Texas Falls (Hancock, VT)

Texas Falls hasmulti-level waterfalls and a gorgeous area with a bridge that goes over the river. The falls are right off the road, so there’s no big hike involved, but there are some pretty trails along the river that you can follow. There are also benches and tables near the upper falls where you can enjoy a picnic lunch with the roar of the falls in the background.

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