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Passion for Heartfelt Hospitality

Having traveled the world and our great country, we said “so long” to professional careers in Washington, DC (Anatoly's in marketing and advertising, Rose's in finance and government) to pursue our passion for innkeeping.

Why Vermont? There are so many beautiful places out there, but this state is special to us. Its gorgeous nature, its happy relaxed people, its craft food, so many reasons to be here. We were drawn to Vermont to be around happy people and spend more time motorcycling, cooking, enjoying witty conversations with friends, guests, and our dog Lucy, and savoring craft beers. Rose, a long distance runner, is on a mission to run a half marathon in all 50 states. Anatoly has seen most of the world and spends most of his ample free time (yeah, right) exploring everything Vermont has to offer on two wheels.

We became the new innkeepers and proprietors of Heart of the Village Inn in early 2015 with a desire to breathe new life, energy and joie de vivre, and to bring the 21st century approach to the whole Bed & Breakfast experience. We reside at the Inn and personally take care of our guests, offering some of the best Vermont-inspired Bed & Breakfast experience for a modern-day traveler like yourself. Our guests are happy easy-going folks seeking to enjoy a tasteful balance of old Victorian charm and modern amenities sprinkled with technological wonders.

Rosie attending a Shelburne Museum Antique Car Show